The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has extended the deadline for comments on its proposed rules to secure an open Internet until midnight on Friday, July 18.

As of this earlier this week, the FCC had received about 780,000 comments on the proposed rules, far more than any other rulemaking proceeding in recent history. The agency came out with its new rules on net neutrality in May after a federal appeals court ordered the agency to rethink its position.

Congress has been critical of the new plan endorsed by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, saying it could open the door for Internet providers to develop new pricing arrangements with companies like Google or Netflix to deliver content at faster speeds.

Wheeler said at a congressional hearing last month that his intent is to create enforceable rules that protect an open Internet. “I understand there is a great debate on this issue,” he told lawmakers. “What we have tried to do is follow the court’s direction, the road map, the blueprint, and come up with a proposal that stops blocking, that prohibits anything that degrades consumers’ access.”

Those wishing to comment can do so online.